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About the gallery

Sof:Art was born from an immense passion for contemporary art and the desire to share; the passion was overwhelming and captured my soul, it fills me with personal reflection that enhances and influences my daily life.
My personal path to obtain Contemporary Art has been building from some time and still now grows today; in the beginning while young college student, I found myself admiring street Graffiti and Street Art in my hometown of Bologna, Italy, where such forms of art have always flourished thanks to prominent personalities, such as the legendary BLU and the more complex Cuoghi Corsello.
The admiration for what these artists left on the walls of my city has always fascinated me and provoked deep thought; ultimately it led me to know, it is not enough to be an observer, I had to get involved, by way of owning a piece of art.
I jumped through hoops and made sacrifices to be able to procure my first important work of Street Art in Paris, the first International Capital City that changed my way of enjoying the World of Art; at that time, now over nine years ago, I realized my career as a collector had finally begun.  Over the last years, my attention has continued in the direction of Contemporary Art which today is the cornerstone of my Collection.

Study, research and interpersonal relationships have been crucial during this change, fueling an increasingly focused awareness and plan.  To date, the Collection can count more than 100 works of art, including paintings, sculptures, video art and installations.  Just like the Collection, my inner need has changed, now the fact of owning a work of art is no longer enough, I now feel the need to share my passion with a wider audience.  Allowing others to appreciate Contemporary Art that has affected me, is most satisfying to me, being able to share these emotions remains my mission for the future; and so my desire is to share a fundamental aspect of Contemporary Art, the meaning and or messages behind every art from, that of the Artist.  Art work has hidden treasures in every brushstroke or manipulation and they are thoughts, gestures, most often a piece of the Artist that translates into a symbolic form of expression projected into the future.
My Mission Statement, my next goal, is to continue as a collector, raise awareness and share my collection with the world.  This is Sof:Art; it’s not a Foundation, a Museum or a cultural association, but it is my obsessive passion to discover International Artists’ and their masterpieces that have left a mark on me and that I believe may be of interest to society.